"Chemical" diet

Diabetics, like everyone else, can become overweight. But, for them, the number of approved diet programs is limited. Osama Hamdiy, a nutritionist who has a reputation for opening a medical center in the United States, has developed a special chemical diet for diabetics, which has made it possible to achieve a good effect. We will not wait too long for the fact that it is not worth choosing a diet for yourself, that your doctor should do it based on your individual data.

girl preparing food for a chemical diet

chemical diet

Following a chemical diet can help you lose an extra 20-30 pounds. The number of kilograms lost depends on the initial weight. obese people will lose more weight.

The four-week program includes a biochemical nutrition base. The diet is easily tolerated by the body. It is not even necessary to take extra vitamin complexes. After all, the whole diet is already pretty balanced.

Why is the main name of the diet "Chemical"?

I want to say right away that you should not be afraid of the name. The menu does not contain artificial additives and elements that are harmful to the human body. On the contrary, the products included in the diet are 100% natural.

The author of the program named it so because it is the basis of the chemical processes that take place in the body after taking certain foods. In fact, the menu consists of low-calorie foods with limited carbohydrates and salt. Therefore, the weight begins to actively decrease. The development system provides for strict adherence to the rules that food failures must be repeated.

Origins and features of the diet

During the period of the diet, the chemical composition of the blood should not change. But it is precisely because of breakdowns, the use of fast food, as well as other junk food, that changes in the composition of the blood occur. Exclusion of foods containing fats and carbohydrates often prompts a person to break down.

Salt restriction plays a significant role. The daily rate should not exceed five grams. You should give up fried, smoked food, which retains fluid in the body, to prevent getting rid of extra pounds. Lean meat and cooked fish will be a great alternative to low-fat foods.

The first week of the diet will take the body to adjust to it, so the weight will slowly decrease, and people should not expect a quick result. To control the development of events, try to get on the scale every morning, take photos weekly. Record the results in a notebook. They should begin to satisfy you in seven days.


Some people cannot eat certain foods. To solve their problems, several types of diets have been developed. Protein and fiber are the basis of the diet in all cases.

Types of diets

  1. Osama Hamdiy's Egg Chemistry Program involves following a twelve week regimen. The method is specially designed for people suffering from metabolic disorders, but this does not prevent a healthy person from using it. Characteristics:
    • It is allowed to eat until full, but without overeating.
    • Breaks between meals should not exceed two hours.
    • Chicken meat can only be eaten without the skin.
    • Dinner should be a maximum of two hours before bedtime.
    • You can only drink water between meals.

    Eggs are the main part of the diet. Make sure you follow the rules for storing and preparing eggs.

  2. Maggi egg chemical diet. The name of the program is associated with Margaret Thatcher's weight loss story. The researchers, studying the archives, found the nutritional principles she followed in her notes. The entries are from 1979. The origins of the diet are hard-boiled chicken eggs and grapefruits. The duration of the diet is 14 days. There were some notes in the notes. For example, on the days when he was allowed to eat meat, you could drink a little whiskey. This program is one of the first types of chemical diet. Eggs, although considered a dietary product, give the body a feeling of satiety. And the substances that make up grapefruit accelerate fat burning and suppress appetite. Therefore, the feeling of hunger does not bother a person. In two weeks, you can lose about 10 kilograms this way.
  3. Cheese chemical diet - specially designed for people with individual intolerance to chicken eggs or just for those who do not like. The principle, like the previous options, is in the special course of chemical reactions. In addition to losing weight, the cottage cheese diet helps to achieve an additional goal - to restore metabolism. The benefit of the program lies in the uses of the main ingredient. Cottage cheese is a source of calcium, iron, and other substances that positively affect the state of the cardiovascular system. Bifidobacteria, which are part of the cottage cheese, have a restorative effect on the intestinal microflora. The calorie content of cottage cheese is lower than eggs. Therefore, one does not have a complete feeling of satiety. To eliminate this disadvantage of the program, use 9% fat cottage cheese. The classic version implies a similar diet for a month. But you can even eat like this for two weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

The good news is that the diet is easy to follow. One does not need to count calories or make a menu. It is enough to strictly adhere to the finished diet.

The obvious advantage is efficiency. Weight is significantly reduced after a week, but at the same time, feeling hungry does not prevent a person from losing weight. The diet consists of hearty, nutritious foods that can be saturated for a long period of time.

The diet menu is completely balanced for all essential nutrients. Based on this, one will also not have to take vitamin-mineral complexes.

The products included in the diet of the program are readily available. They can be found in any store at an attractive price.

The main disadvantage is the severity of the scheme. At the slightest non-compliance with the regime, you will have to start again, despite all the efforts made earlier.

Every day breakfast will look the same. It is possible that in a week it will cause disgust. But, nothing can be done about it, you have to endure, going to the end.

Before you start any chemistry program, it is important to get tested for allergies. After all, citrus fruits and chicken eggs are relatively strong allergens. Allergies can be manifested by redness, hives or itching. Therefore, first seek advice from a specialist.

Contraindications and side effects

Who should be under the supervision of doctors in the first place during the diet? Of course, those who originally planned the program - diabetics.

It is worth seeking advice from specialists and those with chronic diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Even a completely healthy person should carefully monitor their fitness. If you notice deterioration, dizziness or headaches, consider giving up the diet.

It is worth refraining from such nutrition for pregnant women and breastfeeding. During such periods, the female body needs a lot of nutrients, and any diet is undesirable.

Approved Products

List of approved products:

  • Chicken Eggs;
  • Lean meat, fish;
  • House cheese;
  • Cheese;
  • Natural yogurt, kefir;
  • Fruit other than bananas, dates and grapes;
  • Vegetables other than potatoes;
  • Whole wheat bread.

A cup of coffee without additives is allowed per day. When choosing fruit, give priority to seasonal species.

Prohibited Products

List of prohibited products:

  • Carbonated beverages, store - bought juices containing a large number of additives.
  • Fast food, muffins, sweets;
  • Sausage Shop;
  • Alcohol.

Chemical diet menu

If you want to get rid of 14-20 kg, you should follow a four-week version of the diet.

Classic for 4 weeks

For anyone struggling with the extra pounds they hate, the hardest part is always the beginning. The system allows those who are losing weight to have a snack more than once in a few hours. The first time will be unusual, and the feeling of hunger may even be a constant companion for a person. Drinking plenty of warm water and green tea will help combat it. Using large amounts of fluids will help cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

1st week

As already mentioned, every day the breakfast menu is repeated: two boiled chicken eggs and half a grapefruit. As a snack, an undressed vegetable salad with additives or one apple is perfect. Drinking water with food is strictly prohibited.


  • Lunch - 200 grams of fruit salad;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of cooked lean meat.


  • Lunch - 150 grams of cooked chicken meat;
  • Dinner - 100 grams of fruit and a few boiled chicken eggs.


  • Lunch - tomatoes, 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and 1 whole grain bread;
  • Dinner - 250 grams of lean, grilled meat.


  • Lunch - 200 grams of fruit salad;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of cooked lean meat and 100 grams of green lettuce.


  • Lunch - 150 grams of vegetable salad and a few hard-boiled chicken eggs;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of lean fish meat, one citrus and 100 grams of lettuce.


  • Lunch - 200 grams of fruit salad;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of grilled meat and lettuce.


  • Lunch - tomatoes, orange and 250 grams of boiled chicken fillet;
  • Dinner - 250 grams of vegetable stew.

2nd week

The second week will please those who are losing weight with the opportunity to alternative foods for breakfast. You can use grapefruit, orange or pineapple. But no one canceled boiled eggs.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Lunch - 200 grams of cooked lean meat, lettuce;
  • Dinner - a few eggs, orange. You can add parsley or dill.


  • Lunch - a few boiled eggs, 200 grams of vegetable stew, 80 grams of low-fat cheese;
  • Dinner - two boiled eggs.


  • Lunch - 250 grams of grilled fish, lettuce;
  • Dinner - two boiled eggs.


  • Lunch - 200 grams of cooked lean meat, orange, tomatoes;
  • Dinner - 250 grams of fruit salad.


  • Lunch and dinner - 200 grams of uncooked vegetable salad, 200 grams of cooked chicken fillet.

3rd week

Over time, the body has become accustomed to burning fat, and subsequent coin nutrition will further increase metabolism.

  • Monday, Saturday, Sunday: low sugar fruit.
  • Tuesday: Boiled or raw vegetables, excluding potatoes.
  • Wednesday: fruits and vegetables.
  • Thursday: lean lean fish meat.
  • Friday: boiled veal or beef.

4th week

For the past week, when you leave the program, you can eat large portions. The menu should be divided into five meals.

  • Monday: 400 grams of lean meat, 200 grams of lean fish, 1 whole grain bread and 700 grams of vegetables and fruits.
  • Tuesday: 200 grams of lean meat, 500 grams of vegetable salad, low-sugar fruit, whole grain bread.
  • Wednesday: 80 grams of cheese, a slice of rye bread, 700 grams of citrus fruits and vegetables.
  • Thursday: 700 grams of boiled chicken fillet, a slice of whole grain bread, 700 grams of citrus fruits and vegetables.
  • Friday: 200 grams of lean fish, two tomatoes, an orange, two boiled eggs.
  • Saturday: 400 grams of chicken fillet, vegetable stew, 200 grams of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Sunday: can of tuna, 400 grams of vegetable salad, orange, slice of rye bread.

What to do in case of breakdown

Breakdown can happen to anyone. You can correct this situation by adding physical activity and eating fat burning foods such as ginger.

Think about your motivation or opt for a smaller cottage cheese diet option. The hardest part is the first and fourth weeks of the program.

Dietary result

After you finish the diet program, you can be proud of yourself and the result achieved. The figure will be much more attractive, and naturally you will want to keep it. But doing this without fundamentally changing eating behavior will not work. Compliance with the drinking regime, green tea, consumption of muffins and sweets, frequent walks in the fresh air, and refraining from evening meals will not help. . .

If you had gone to a specialist before you started the diet, he would have told you this even then. However, it is still possible to save a valuable number on the scales. How? Again, only by contacting a weight loss clinic. It's never too late to do this, but if you value your time and health, you do not spend one or the other on experiments, but go to the professionals right away.

Expert opinion

Yes, yes, okay! These people are called psychotherapists. They know the techniques not only for healthy weight loss, but also - most importantly - non-violent preservation of its results.

Now imagine for a moment that you, like a slim ordinary person, do not deny yourself anything, that you eat what you want and how much you want - but at the same time you do not gain fat at allnone (just like most ordinary people).