Water diet - pros, cons and menu of the week

water diet for weight loss

The stretch water diet is considered a "diet" in the ordinary sense of the word. Its prerequisite is to observe the proper drinking regime. There is also therapeutic fasting, but this is the subject of another article.

The weight loss period is usually very difficult. We have to give up many favorite foods: sweet, starchy, fried, etc. The water diet consists of a balanced fluid intake.

Misconceptions about this diet

Opinions about such a weight loss system are contradictory. This is due to the many myths surrounding balanced fluid intake:

  • "Water instead of food" - many people think that such a diet is nothing more than drinking water without food. This is not the case: without food, the body will be severely damaged. The person will feel worse. With this method of losing weight, you need to give up high-calorie products, but not healthy foods. In this case, you just have to observe the drinking regimen.
  • "The colder the water, the faster it will be possible to lose extra pounds" is a delusion. The body will not absorb the liquid until it has heated to the required temperature. To start the metabolic process earlier, water should be drunk warm (37-40 ° C).
  • "The more you drink, the better the result" is a myth that has harmful consequences. The body should receive as much fluid as it can process. Its excess will stretch the stomach, it will require more food. Too much water puts too much stress on the kidneys. Intracranial pressure may increase: pathologies of the cardiovascular system occur.

In order for the water regime to bear fruit, you must adhere to all the rules, which we will discuss below.

Put down

80% man is water. It is required for metabolic processes. Lack of fluid leads to disturbances in metabolism, swelling, deterioration of health, the appearance of extra pounds. Nutritionists recommend drinking artesian mineral water without gas.

A drinking regimen does not mean giving up food.

The main thing is to monitor the amount of fluid you drink, the time it is taken, and so on. According to reviews of people who have been on this diet, it helps to lose up to 10 kg.

General rules

If the body loses at least 10% of the fluid it needs, serious health problems will begin. Everything can end in death.

Water is a solvent for organic and inorganic compounds, without which organs and systems cannot function normally. All biochemical processes occur with fluid involvement. It accelerates the reaction rate.

Water is part of the blood components, it carries the necessary substances to all organs and systems. Regulates temperature and digestive process. The liquid removes toxic elements, toxins and performs many other important tasks.

Many people, trying to lose extra pounds, buy various drugs, special underwear, laxative teas, etc. Their purpose is to "dry out" the body. In other words, they were dehydrated.

These methods to lose weight, if they help to lose weight, then for a short time. In addition, such methods do great harm to health.

Experts believe that dehydration leads to extra pounds. Therefore, the best diet will be: establish a drinking regimen.

Average daily water intake

Advantages and disadvantages

The right drinking system has the following advantages:

  • it is not necessary to spend a lot of time preparing special diet dishes;
  • calories consumed do not need to be counted;
  • you cannot increase physical activity;
  • budget savings: does not imply the use of exotic products that cost a lot of money;
  • relative harm =.
  • does not induce allergic reactions;
  • water dulls hunger;
  • gives lightness and a feeling of weightlessness.

Despite the large number of positive features, the diet also has some disadvantages:

  • Adverse reactions: dizziness, nausea, etc. ;
  • The feeling of satiety passes quickly, the person feels hungry again;
  • difficult to bear;
  • washes nutrients (especially potassium and calcium);
  • frequent urge to urinate.

Before you decide to go on a diet, you need to think carefully. Weigh the pros and cons ".

What type of water is allowed?

Soda is not suitable: it irritates the inner lining of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates increased appetite. Coffee, tea, alcohol have a urinary effect and are dehydrated. So they cannot be drunk.

It is best to use melt water that has been turned into a liquid form no more than seven hours ago. Its beneficial properties are due to the lack of hard salts. Normal table water is ideal. However, in its consumption you need to know the measure.

It is necessary to drink no more than what is prescribed in the instructions. Otherwise, you can provoke convulsions, increased intracranial pressure, leaching useful elements.

Melting water is the best choice for a water diet


The diet consists of fractional eating. To achieve a result, the daily number of calories does not exceed 1200 or 1500. Some sources speak of fewer calories, less than 1000 or even 800 Kcal per day. Remember, such a low daily calorie content will not result in anything good, girls should eat food for at least 1200 Kcal, and guys for at least 1500.

There are several types of diets. Each provides a glass of warm water after waking up in the morning, one meal, before going to bed.

Do not drink while eating. Liquid is acceptable 90 minutes after eating.

Diet One Day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal 250 gr, curd mass.
  • Snack: a few slices of melon.
  • Lunch: a bowl of nettle soup.
  • Afternoon snack: kiwi or bread.
  • Dinner: 0. 2 kg of veal or stew with fish fillet.

3 days

On the 1st day:

  • breakfast: egg, a few cheese sandwiches;
  • lunch: mango;
  • lunch: salad with vegetables and cheese, 150 grams of chicken breast;
  • afternoon snack: applesauce;
  • dinner: stewed vegetables 150 grams and beef 100 grams.

2nd day:

  • breakfast: a few toasts, 150 grams of cottage cheese;
  • 2nd breakfast: apple;
  • lunch: a mixture of vegetables, toast, 150 grams of tuna;
  • afternoon snack: pear;
  • dinner: cabbage salad, egg, cheese sandwich.

3rd day:

  • 1 meal: a few toasts, a mixture of vegetables, 150 grams boiled chicken;
  • lunch: peach;
  • lunch: lean broth soup, 100 grams of chicken fillet, toast;
  • afternoon snack: orange;
  • dinner: stewed vegetables, steam cutlet, toast.

Twenty or thirty minutes before breakfast, before meals, a few hours before going to bed, you need to drink 300 ml of warm water.

Five days

On the first day:

  • breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomatoes;
  • 2nd meal: jelly;
  • lunch break: vegetable soup, 100 grams of chicken or turkey breast;
  • afternoon snack: melon;
  • dinner: stewed beans, 0, 2 l of yogurt without additives.

2nd day:

  • 1 meal: toasted twin, egg;
  • 2nd breakfast: 30 g of nuts;
  • lunch break: vegetable stew, 100 g of liver;
  • afternoon tea: grapes;
  • dinner: 200 g mushrooms.

3rd day:

  • breakfast: three tablespoons of rice, tomatoes;
  • lunch: raisins;
  • lunch: three rolls of cabbage, vegetable mixture;
  • afternoon snack: pear puree;
  • dinner: "summer" salad, low-calorie curd mass.

4th day: unloading of apples (drink 1. 5 kg of fruit per day, 0, 3 l of water 20 minutes before and after meals).

Fifth day:

  • breakfast: oatmeal, cheese;
  • afternoon snacks: nectarine;
  • lunch break: cabbage soup, lobster 0. 2 kg;
  • afternoon snack: 2-3 plums;
  • dinner: 200 grams of rabbit, 150 grams of low-calorie cottage cheese, orange.

A five-day course accelerates the breakdown of fats, cleanses the digestive tract of toxins and toxins. Thanks to this, it will be possible to get rid of 4 to 5 kg.

Seven days

A weight loss regimen that lasts a week provides for 2-3 liters of water per day. Dinner should be no later than three hours before a night of rest.

Sample menu:

  • breakfast: protein foods such as chicken or tuna breast;
  • lunch: vegetable broth, fed meat, stewed, cooked, raw vegetables;
  • dinner: meat, fish, vegetables cooked in a double boiler;
  • snacks: fruit, nuts, dried fruit.

A seven day diet allows you to lose up to ten kilograms.

The principle of the water diet is to observe the drinking regime, combined with the use of healthy food

Ten days

First day:

  • morning: 2 eggs, several slices of bread;
  • day: 200 g tuna, bread;
  • snack: cottage cheese mass with herbs;
  • evening: seaweed cocktail, squid and carrots.

Second day:

  • breakfast: scrambled eggs;
  • lunch: mushroom and cabbage soup, stewed squash;
  • snack: dried fruit;
  • dinner: stuffed eggplant.

Third day:

  • morning meal: oatmeal, two tomatoes;
  • lunch: stew, poultry 150 g;
  • snack: cauliflower and grapefruit salad;
  • evening: grilled tuna, two toast.

Fourth day:

  • morning: 150 grams of cottage cheese;
  • day: a mixture of 4 quail eggs, chicken broth, greens;
  • snacks: apple puree;
  • evening: 0. 2 kg of baked rabbit, two toast.

Fifth day:

  • breakfast: two egg omelet;
  • lunch: chicken soup without potatoes, vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack: apricots;
  • dinner: zucchini in the sleeve with lemon juice.

The next five days repeatedly on the menu.

The last meal is a few hours before going to bed.

diet for 14 days

1st day:

  • breakfast: egg, bread, cheese;
  • morning snack: pear, half a glass of cherries;
  • lunch: 150 grams of chicken fillet, 250 grams of a mixture of seasonal vegetables with lemon juice, bread;
  • afternoon snack: peach 2 pcs;
  • dinner: 139 grams of veal, 250 grams of stewed vegetables.

Second day:

  • breakfast: two crackers, 100 grams of cottage cheese;
  • lunch: Bowl of soup, salad of cilantro, carrots, radishes;
  • afternoon snack: two pears;
  • dinner: 100 g of buckwheat, 150 g of boiled vegetables and half a grapefruit.

Third day:

  • morning: fruit salad;
  • day: Bowl of quail broth with crackers, 150 g of stewed asparagus;
  • afternoon snack: four pieces of dried apricots;
  • dinner: two potatoes "in uniform", 200 grams of mushrooms.

4th day:

  • breakfast: two loaves of bread, a few tangerines;
  • lunch: millet, bread, apple;
  • afternoon snack: "summer" salad;
  • dinner: two schnitzels, kelp salad.

Fifth day:

  • morning: three tablespoons buckwheat, two tomatoes;
  • lunch: okroshka, two pieces of bread;
  • afternoon snack: 100 g of frozen berries;
  • dinner: cabbage and carrot salad, 150 g turkey, peach.

6th day:

  • breakfast: three tablespoons rice and pear;
  • lunch: 200 g chicken liver, vegetable mixture;
  • afternoon snack: two kiwis;
  • dinner: 150 g of steamed pork without fatty layers, vegetable salad.

Seventh day:

  • morning: fruit salad with cottage cheese;
  • day: soup, hard-boiled egg;
  • snack: kernels of three walnuts;
  • evening: 250 g cancer, vegetable salad, two toast.

On the 2nd week, the menu is repeated.

Diet for a month

Daily sample menu:

  • morning: buckwheat, rice or scrambled eggs, vegetables without heat treatment;
  • brunch: fruit;
  • day: soup, meat, vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack: berries, nuts, dried fruit;
  • evening: boiled vegetables, fish or mushrooms with a slice of bread.

Liquid intake, as in other types of diets.

Quit without consequences and secondary use

Returning to the usual diet, as a rule, goes without problems for the body. Following a four-day diet reduces the amount of fluid consumed.

Green tea, juices can be substituted for water.

When returning to a normal diet, it is advisable to ferment milk products, starters, compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, etc. After a while, the daily fluid volume should be reduced to 1. 5-2 liters. Even after losing weight, it is advisable to drink a glass of warm water before eating. This will improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

If the weight loss system provided a significant excess of the daily volume of water, compared to the usual one, you can go on a diet again no sooner than three or four weeks. During this period, the kidneys will break from a strong overload: there will be no problems in the urinary system.

Adverse reactions

Weight loss has side effects on water. Abuse can cause:

  • kidney problems, swelling;
  • heavy burden on the cardiovascular system;
  • slowing down the process of weight loss (excess fluid inhibits the breakdown of fats);
  • water-salt imbalance;
  • calcium leaching: causes cramps, joint pain.

In the reviews, people who are on a diet talk about the effectiveness of this method of losing weight, and the negative is usually associated with the appearance of adverse reactions, frequent dizziness, and fainting. Experts believe the point here is improper adherence to recommendations, for example too little daily caloric content. As we have said, you need to eat at least 1200 Kcal.

To prevent undesirable consequences, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the daily amount of liquid specified in the recommendations. Do not diet for more than half a month.


The water weight loss system cannot be used for kidney pathologies, diabetes mellitus, and increased intravenous pressure.

With caution, go on a diet with obesity. Due to the high concentration of insulin in the blood, severe swelling may occur.

Before losing weight, you need to consult a doctor.

On the water options


For those who want to lose extra weight, pregnant women. Adherence to the drinking regime in the first trimester "saves" from toxicosis. In the later stages it eliminates swelling in the limbs. Maintaining the regimen increases the amount of water and reduces the amount of salt consumed. Because of this, the liquid does not stay, fat is absorbed in problem areas. Duration: not more than seven days. During the waiting period for the baby, the process should be supervised by a specialist. Leave 2-3 kg. It may be repeated after six weeks.

Bread-kefir water

Bread allowed with bran or without yeast. 1. 5 liters of kefir and 10 glasses of still water are drunk per day. Duration - not more than 14 days. During this time, up to 5 kg is drowned. You can go on a diet again after a few months.

Water without milk

You can use any low-calorie products, except for dairy. The diet should not last more than a week. It will help you lose up to 10 kg. However, such weight loss does not affect health in the best way. You can do it again in a month and a half.

Tea room

Based on the five times the use of green tea. The drink should be of high quality, with large leaves. It is brewed with purified water. This diet option should not be chosen for problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Duration - 1-2 weeks. Repetition is allowed in two months. With this system, you can lose 8-10 kg.

Green tea is the basis of one of the water diet options

Japanese tea

Per day you need to drink 1. 5 liters of Japanese tea. The rest of the liquid is water and herbal decoctions. A drink from Japan has antioxidant, cleansing properties. it quickly breaks down body fat. This diet option helps to lose 9-11 kg, but should not be repeated more than once in six months.

apple water

It is considered to be quite heavy, not everyone can withstand it, it helps to lose 2-5 kg, clear the digestive tract. Weight loss lasts three days. The first two days you need to eat only apples in the amount of 2 kg and drink water in a volume of 2. 5 liters. On the third day, the diet can be varied with two tablespoons of oatmeal. Apples are high in fruit acids. These substances irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa: the feeling of hunger increases. Therefore, eating fruit before bedtime is not recommended: the urge to eat will not allow you to sleep peacefully. You can return to the diet after three months.

Water protein

Provides minimal calories, but is easy to tolerate. It is recommended to combine the diet with sports training for greater efficiency. You need to drink 2. 5 liters of water per day. The daily menu consists of foods high in protein. No more than 1, 200 kcal per day is allowed. The diet lasts 5 days. Leave 4-5 kg. Reapply: after 1. 5 months.

If, with any diet choice, the state of health rises, malaise is seen, weight loss must be stopped. It is advisable to contact a specialist.

Liquid Volume Table

The volume of water consumed is individual for people with different weight categories:

Body weight in kilograms The amount of liquid in a liter
55 2. 2
60 2. 4
65 2. 6
70 2. 8
80 3. 2
100 four

To calculate the daily fluid rate, the weight must be multiplied by 40. The resulting number indicates how much water you need to drink per day in ml.


Although the water diet is about eating low-calorie foods, that does not mean that they must taste bad. There are many recipes that make losing weight enjoyable.

Watermelon with lime

For cooking you need:

  • watermelon pulp;
  • a bunch of mint;
  • four lemons or lemons.

Cooking method:

  • divide the berry into four parts;
  • cut into equal slices or make balls;
  • mint mixed with 2 tbsp. l. lime pulp;
  • place the slices on a dish, pour over them with lime juice and sprinkle with a mixture of fruit and mint zest.
watermelon with lime in the water diet

apple salad


  • Apple;
  • egg;
  • parsley;
  • basil.


  • boil the egg until fully cooked;
  • eliminate the yolk;
  • pass the protein and fruit of the apple tree through a coarse grater;
  • add the herbs in the salad.

Basil is on top of the dish.

Keeping a water diet, you can make a salad of apples and eggs

fruit curd


  • house cheese;
  • Apple;
  • lemon juice;
  • 1 tspmil;
  • 3-4 walnuts.

Cooking method:

  • cut the apple fruit into cubes and carefully pour over the lemon juice;
  • for a flood, let stand for ten minutes;
  • mix with honey, nut kernels, cottage cheese.
Fruit cottage cheese - a healthy breakfast in the water diet menu

Dietitians' views on the water diet are generally similar. Experts say that water has a good effect on the activity of all organs and systems, but its overuse is more dangerous than dehydration. This disrupts the cardiovascular and urinary system. In everything you need to know the measure.