• Diet for stomach ulcers, menu for a week. Such a diet can be followed after the acute phase, because the list of permitted foods here is longer.
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  • The secret of the chemical diet for weight loss is to strictly adhere to the rules, and not in calculating the calorie content of food. Under no circumstances should products be replaced, meals exchanged or rations of different days.
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  • The list of diets to lose weight exercise is very large. But everyone who is trying to get rid of extra pounds is trying to get the fastest and most effective diets to get the result as soon as possible and then maintain it.
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  • Fasting days allow you to lose up to 2 kg of weight. Assume you follow the drinking regime and move away from the mono-diet. You need to choose products for fasting days, taking into account the characteristics of health. Protein fasting days are easier to tolerate, harder - on kefir or water.
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